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Erich Hebner

CEO / Founder

Hello, My name is Erich Hebner, and I currently reside in Baldwin County, AL.
Once upon a time, my wife and I lived in Haiti and started an NGO called Hearts of Many Colors.
We loved our time there in Haiti and learned many life lessons from remarkable people.
You can typically find me in Orange Beach at the Wharf or Gulf Shores. I love going to networking events and seeing how we all can add value to each other! I wear many hats and enjoy staying busy. I handle all of our local accounts, clients & customers here in Baldwin County, AL. So if you need anything, message me, and I'll be able to assist you!


Developer & Data Engineer

I'm an introvert when people first get to know me. I enjoy programming and working from home. I enjoy helping people find a solution to a problem. I look forward to bringing your project to life!


IT Director

Hi, if you are new here I'm Daniel I'm here to make sure all of your projects are beating the deadlines & making sure our IT Staff has the knowledge and tools to take care of you all. I look forward to helping you complete your project. We have fun here at Hebner Solutions and would love to have you join the family! I like to Netflix and hang out with my goofy friends. Working from home isn't bad either.


Web Designer

Hello, I love being able to bring your vision to life with our team and put your thoughts onto actual pages. Cannot wait to work on your next project! Thanks for choosing us and keeping us all busy. I play piano and enjoy spending time with great people!




We started with Web-Design and Application Development. Then, after a year of returning customers, we began adding services catering to their needs. It started an entirely new vision for Hebner Solutions. From Start to Finish all things IT, Marketing, Business Consulting (licensing & legal & Structure), Web Design, Social Media Marketing & Management, SEO, Paid Advertisements, IT Consulting and Setup(Computers, Software, Payment options & More).

We don't want just to sell you a product or complete a project for you. Instead, we want to build a working relationship with you. We come alongside you and help you experience growth. You'll finally have someone in your corner who knows the next steps you need to take to achieve your vision for where you want the company to be.

You are a professional in what you do, and we want to empower you to focus on your business and customers and leave the IT & Marketing to us. We help bring you the leads, and if you need more help with those, we even consult/train on successfully landing them as customers!
We don't accept just any business that wants growth, and we want to help the best that put their customers and employees first! These businesses deserve it all, and the customers also deserve the best! 

At Hebner Solutions, we're passionate about learning & growth and getting notable companies the business they deserve! We enjoy networking & connecting with like-minded companies & individuals that put their customers first! We would love to speak with you and see how we can help you grow today!

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