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Social Media Marketing & Advertisement & Business Relationships in 2022

Why it's crucial for your business, and what will it help?

  1. Building Brand Awareness - Your future customers need to find you. Networking and having business relationships and establishing your name and what you can do for people is very beneficial. Let them know what you can handle and what your current customers say. Always have your card on you because you never know who you might run into that needs the same services you offer!

  2. Generate Leads - By posting regularly and having good SEO and all your channels connected, you can't fail unless you give up or stop. Believe in yourself and your brand, and be truthful during the lead process! Don't beat around the bush, and always put your customer's needs first! If you cannot do the job, refer them to a business you trust and would have them work on your stuff.

  3. Nurture Leads - Build relationships that matter to you. Treat them like you would your own family. Build trust and credibility with all your customers!

  4. Listen - Listen to your customers and take constructive criticism to heart. Always Work towards being the best in what you do. There is always room to improve!

  5. Website - Having somewhere for your potential customers can go from all your social channels to see your previous work, Services, and Products you offer, Your team, what your company believes in, and how they can contact and schedule an appointment.

  6. Consulting & Professional Help - If you are not a tech-savvy person, you don't have to try and do it yourself. Find someone to work with you and grow your business based on your budget and needs. DO NOT JUMP INTO BUYING A WEBSITE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Reach out to your network of known professionals and see if they can help you and if they have any previous projects they can show you.

  7. Build A Community - Social Media Communities are an excellent source of original content.

  8. Networking - It's essential to network, be a part of a network, and be involved in local events! When you start a business on your personal Facebook and personal social media, you let everyone know what you do and how you can help. Make sure to link them to your socials and website.

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