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Ready to work from home? How to start your business with little to no overhead.

Have you always wanted to start a business and just didn't know how?

Do you have the mindset, dedication, and determination to succeed?

If you answered yes to both of these questions let me help you by giving you the tools to succeed. NO, I'm not selling you a course, and YES this information is FREE!

Didn't go to college? That's not a problem college isn't for everyone I mean I went but honestly, and in multiple recent polls, they always choose experience over education.

I'm going to share what I've learned throughout my entire process of creating Hebner Solutions but let's get to the bread and butter you are ready to start a business and you need the tools.


Here are the first steps for you to get started working from home and starting the business you've been planning on!

  1. Figure out a business name and what services or products you are going to offer.

  2. Figure out local and county laws and what business licensing you are going to need.

  3. Build your website, and set up your social media.

  4. Let all your friends and family know you are in business and what you offer and ask for them to share and like the page! This starts the Organic growth of your page. This is important!


Second steps to being successful in your business venture. YOU NEED TO NETWORK.

Networking helps you find like-minded individuals and businesses that need what you offer.

Having a network of professionals you can count on is priceless these people know exactly what you are going through especially seasoned business owners. They have wisdom where you can learn from their mistakes and how to overcome them.

  1. Network when you can! use apps like Meetup - How Meetup works. Meet new people who share your interests through online and in-person events. It's free to create an account.

  2. Get involved with community events.

  3. Post and keep posting don't get discouraged with the number of likes or shares. you are creating your digital footprint.


The third step, If you need Leads and Organic isn't working right away and you have the money to start the avalanche of success HERE ARE THE MUST-HAVE TOOLS!

Let's start with BARK

So far I've set up so many businesses that use bark as their main source of income. After a year of doing this word of mouth, SEO, and the right social presence it's rare to use Bark unless there is a dip in ORGANIC growth. Start your account free here! If you ever need professionals for any of your projects BARK is a good place to look and keeps most of the cost low for the professionals. This is the best for remote services nationwide and they verify every lead and phone number. Customer service is by far the best!

Now Let's talk about Thumbtack.

This is the first application I started with and continue to use depending on the type of businesses my clients have. This is where I was able to get many of my Website & Graphic Design Leads and it didn't stop there still to this day I'm getting word of mouth from some customers I've had on Thumbtack when I first started out using the app. I'm truly grateful. However, Bark beats thumbtack in the case of nationwide verifying and leads that I know I can count on! Thumbtack for businesses that do LOCAL work, Lawn care, Construction, Walking dogs, Cleaning houses and so much more is GOLD the leads don't cost much and the people will respond and hire you! Create your Pro Account here!

Now some of my clients talk about HomeAdvisor

and I can personally say I've never used it but it does not offer leads for the services I provide but from the professionals, I consult for it seems it's perfect for a construction company to easily get leads and if you can successfully close them you could land some big jobs.


The Fourth step. Now you have your LEAD generation apps and you are ready to start.

You don't have any previous work or projects to show your clients? No problem you have options!

1. Offer them a discount and let them know you will be showcasing this project to build your portfolio and after the project is finished always follow up and ask for a review, like & share of the project post! This helps your company more than any dollar will. (Organic Growth)

2. Offer your friends and family and network a deal to help build your portfolio!

Ask for Reviews, take those reviews to heart and perfect your craft more and more until you are providing the absolute best service for your clients and have a business you can be proud of!


I'm putting this information out there because too many people are charging for resources that should be free. I want to help you succeed with the knowledge I've gained over the years.

You can be successful without a degree.

You can do great things if you have the right mindset.

You have something you love to do but never had someone help you walk through it.

It's up to you to make the next move.

It's up to you how you want your company to grow.

We at Hebner Solutions are here to help you grow and become a part of your network. We offer Business & IT Consulting, Webdesign, SMM, SEO, and many more. Check out our homepage here!

Have a great day let us know when you are Ready to Grow with us!

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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